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I strongly believe in a good work life balance, and that people should be able to enjoy what they love to do. This is reflected in my practice, where I am always keen to help people get back to sport, hobby or just everyday life.

I care, I truly care about every patient that comes to see me, I care about their story, their circumstances and what I can do to help turn their story around if the injury they come with is stopping, limiting or preventing them doing what they want to do.

I listen, I really listen to how each individual is feeling, how their injury is impacting them, on what's important to them, how they want me to help and what they want to achieve by coming to see me. I believe we work together to achieve the goals we set together – so homework will be required to get you back into the best shape and proficient rehabilitation.

I understand, I understand that every individual is different and how one injury may affect one person may not be the same as the next. I understand that everyone has different goals and sometimes it's simply to stand a little straighter without pain and other times it's to run a triathlon. I understand life is crazy and busy and giving you endless exercises that take an hour each time to do it is not feasible.

I value you, I value every single person who comes through my door, their trust, their injury, their circumstance and their investment in me. Therefore, I offer longer appointment times compared to other providers to ensure every patient leaves the clinic feeling valued, listened to and feeling the full benefit of every treatment

Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live
– Jim Roan


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