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Online Physiotherapy Service

What to expect from your online Physiotherapy Consultation?

The only difference between online and in-person consultation is that we utilise your story, education and exercise-based rehabilitation as the driving force behind your treatment. As physiotherapists we generally gain 90% of what we need to know to clinically reason what is causing your pain by listening to your story at our initial consultation. Your rehabilitation journey is tailored made with your story at the centre of it all.

You will be sent an invitation the morning of your appointment via email to be accessed at the time of your booked appointment time via your mobile/tablet/desktop computer. This initial consultation will last anywhere between 45-60 minutes. Just like in a normal physiotherapy session in the clinic, we will ask you a number of questions to help identify what is causing your pain and how that pain is impacting your current situation. From here we will discuss what your goals are and what you are hoping to achieve by coming to see us.

The second half of your session will involve an objective assessment which will include your Physiotherapist looking globally at any movements or positions that are specifically causing you discomfort or pain- looking at you functionally within your own home is actually one of the advantages of video consultations that we cannot achieve in the clinic. The subjective and objective sections of your session will allow us to come up with a treatment  plan and goals that are tailored to your own individual needs what ever these may be. In between our sessions it is important that you take part in the specific exercises and or activities advised by your Physiotherapist as this will ensure you are making progress towards the goals you have set. My motto has always been “Team work, Makes the Dream work” – cheesy I know but never more true than its is now.

The number of required treatment sessions will vary depending on your condition and the required treatment plan and therefore is tailored to what is clinically appropriate. If your Physiotherapist doesn’t feel physiotherapy is appropriate, they will explain why and make an appropriate referral to another healthcare professional or back to your GP.

What do you need to consider before your appointment?

  • Details of any relevant previous treatment or investigations, such as clinic letters, operation notes, imaging results or medical history

  • Be wearing suitable clothing to allow you to move freely during your assessment

  • Your environment: we will be discussing confidential medical information, so you may wish to consider having your virtual consultation somewhere private and free of interruption. Also ensure you have enough room to move during the objective section of your session

  • Payment. If you have booked online this will have already been processed, alternatively you will be send a easy pay invoice sent to you before or on the day of your appointment.  The Fee for your online consultation includes the time during your session and one follow email offering advice, guidance or to answer any unasked questions at your session, anything further will be included in a booked follow up session.

                                                    As always, if any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Rehabilitation is to show a patient what they can do for themselves
– Karel Lewit

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